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Diesel Generator Applications & Uses for Industries

A diesel generator is used for emergency power supply in case of electricity shutdown or places where there power supply demand. Diesel generator generates electric energy by using a diesel engine along with an electric generator.

Nowadays, diesel generator usage is essential for industries backup, emergency, and electric systems in case of power failure. Hiring diesel generators for monitor electric current continuously and automatically start the generator when there is a power cut or power shutdown period and generator supply the power until the power comes back.

The diesel generator is the most important equipment for industries and helps to run the industries’ productions continuously. The favorable growth of industries such as oil & gas industries, telecom, mining, constructions, hospitals, and retail shops.

Diesel Generator Usage for Following Industries Below:


In all over the world running mining operation so diesel generator widely used for mining operations. They needed 80% of the power supply for mining operations because they are having heavy-duty equipment such as excavating machinery, drillers, conveyor belts, and cranes. Mining operations mainly used to get gas, coal, iron, and metals being mined. So, diesel generators are used always and number one option for easily used far-fetched mining zones with very extreme situations.



Healthcare is one of the most sensitive industries. Hospitals have a lot of medical facilities for patients and also have diesel generators facility for emergencies. If not have generators facilities in hospitals many patients lose their lives in case of power failure or interruption of electricity.

Patients are seriously ill and injured such as those patients in an intensive care unit (ICU) it would be at risk because life with the support of machines like oxygen pumps would fail to function with the slightest power outage and also used ventilators in ICU that helps to breathe when patients are in sick, injured or sedated for an operation.

In hospitals, diesel generators are widely used for backup power sources and provide uninterrupted power supply when the utility power grid fails. All-time maintain a full tank of diesel can last an entire hospital more than 8 hours depending on its size and compare to other generators, diesel generators can provide the backup power source for more than 48 hours. It depends on fuel storage.


In the commercial industry without a power backup plan lose money in business. Power Failure can make this thorn in the flesh. Commercial industries without investing the cost in standby diesel generator, losses huge revenue at the case register, safety challenges for both people and finances, trouble for IT industries, and other automated equipment finally complete operations shutdown. So, diesel generators allow you to protect your business interests & revenues.

Oil & Gas

Diesel generators are mandatory usage for the oil & gas industry because diesel generator is an integral part of this industry all activities are based on gas fields including drilling, pumping, and loading. In most cases oil and gas exploration works remote locations with tough conditions. So, without diesel generator on-site would be quite impossible because most of the sites away from power grids. Only diesel generators fit for this site.

oil & gas industry


Manufacturing industries can always need high volume productions. Sometimes slight disruption in manufacturing industries can not only low volume production and also not poor quality production. The low volume of production and low quality of the product depends on power supply interruption. The production line in the manufacturing line must be operating all the time. If blackouts occur in 24/7 manufacturing plants, then affect all the processes and affected the product quality. A diesel generator provides emergency power supply in case of blackouts and helps to prevent losses of production.


Generators will give power source support for constructions 24/7. Diesel generator helps power backup support for all construction equipments like power air conditioning, machines, power communication system, and run construction equipment such as cranes. Impossible for without power grid support for all construction sites only a few more construction sites have a power grid. If construction sites faced constant power interruptions can result in project completion time delayed due to power backup issue.

Telecommunication and Data Centers

Electronic machines, Computers, and data centers are the heart of every industry. Banks, IT industries, government sectors, railway, airways, and many industries have their own data stored servers. 

Manual and cloud servers using to access data at all times for their business to operate without interruption of power supply. With constant power supply issues or power interruptions, these servers unable access and business have to halt their operations. Losing business and money in the process.

 Diesel generators have provided very reliable service to telecommunication and data center industries after an interrupt in power backup or power grid failure, Automatically started and run the diesel generator.


Sometimes Power generation plants also need generators due to emergencies. So, Power suppliers that depend on diesel generators for power productions run without interruption. Power generation plants have diesel generator standing for the main supply line emergency. They use diesel generators to produce enough electricity to power thousands of homes until they recover the main supply issue resolve. 

Diesel generators help this industry allow power plant crew adequate time to work the main supply. Finally diesel generator helps to prevent the power supply problem in power generation plants.

Manual and cloud servers using to access data at all times for their business to operate without interruption of power supply. With constant power supply issues or power interruptions, these servers unable access and business have to halt their operations. Losing business and money in the process.

Diesel generators have provided very reliable service to telecommunication and data center industries after an interrupt in power backup or power grid failure, Automatically started and run the diesel generator.


Nowadays, All schools, colleges, and other educational institutes of higher learning required generators. Several systems in the education system mandatory need for electricity. Causes of power outages are a lot more than students getting the rest of the day off. So, better institutes hire generators to resolve power interruption or power cut problems and serve continuous high-quality education for students. Educational institutes without power cannot provide the kind of safety they need to ensure.



This industry is heavily dependent on diesel generators. Soldiers need all time good and stable power sources that can be carried the toughest environments and still function efficiently. So, the military use diesel generators for a wide range of applications including a power supply for their gear, hospitals, lighting for the training camps and Operating the IT equipment.


How Does Screw Air Compressor Works?

Here we will explain a screw air compressor technology. What Is A Screw Air Compressor And What Is The Basic Working Principle?

ELGi Screw Compressors

In 1930s screw element was developed. There are two rotors in screw compressor male and female rotors, its working back-to-back but different direction which means the male rotor drives the female rotor.


If it’s an oil-injected in screw compressor technology and a timing gear both rotors in the oil-free compressor technology as both rotors will run harmonically with minimum calculated clearance between both elements.

The male and female rotors are rotating in the opposite direction which produces energy. Comparing Male rotor Vs Female rotors: The female rotor has typically the number of valleys than the male rotor lobes.

When Oil is injected into Rotary Screw Compressor?

Low Maintenance:
Oil Coated parts have more life expectancy. Most of the cases rotors of rotary screw processor never have to be replaced.

Running a long time of compressor with the help of Cooled oil because the compressor is cooled by the injected oil so water-cooling is not needed for screw compressor.

Preventing the air from seeping out.

Noise Reduction:     
The oil lubricates is moving to all parts so less friction is produced.

Cost-Effective and Efficient:
Used to design premium efficiency air ends and integrated Heat recovery systems in the screw air compressor. ELGi screw air compressors have a lot of features it will help to increase performance rotary screw compressor like flexible, powerful and efficient.

Efficiency and Reliability:
Our screw air compressors have been designed to provide top efficiency and reliability. It is used to low & high air pressure system and controlling as well as harsh conditions.

Selection of rotary screw air compressors:
Shaktiman Equipments Pvt Ltd has all shapes and sizes of rotary screw air compressors:

Oil Free Two Stage Air Cooled
Oil free two stage air cooled
Oil Free Two Stage Water Cooled
Oil Free Two stage Water Cooled
  • Power range From 2.2 – 500 kW
  • Oil-free and oil injected
  • Portable air compressors
  • Fixed Speed
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled options
  • Available advanced control systems.

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8 Important Steps For Proper Maintenance of Diesel Generators

A Diesel generator is processing the electric generator to generate electrical energy. This is the specific case of engine-generator. A diesel compression-ignition engine often is designed to run fuel oil also some types are adapted to run with liquid fuels or natural gas.

Generator Users require less maintenance due to their durability (it means measures the length of product life), reliability (it means product will not fail within specific period of time) and the sturdiness characteristic (It means durability of product) and also they are considered cheaper to operate due to the low fuels costs as compared to the other types of fuels such as gasoline and propane.

Shaktiman Diesel Generator
Diesel Generator

Also considered withstand heavy load for long hours and start off the power supply on the full load within minutes and must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout their service life.

The best generator maintenance practice is following the maintenance schedule provided by the generator manufacturer to ensure maximum service time for the generator and proper operation when it is called upon to provide power.

The engine is the core component of the generator. If you want to run your generator well without any mechanical issues or electrical issues must maintain the generators carefully.

Once you start to running of the diesel generator, the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engine require close monitoring for any leaks that can cause hazardous occurrences. The very essential one is to maintain the internal combustion engine.

Step 1: Lubrication Service

The Engine oil must be checked while power off the generator at regular intervals using a dipstick.

Allow the oil in the upper portion of the engine to drain back into the crankcase and follow the engine manufacturer recommendations for API oil classification and oil viscosity.

Keep watching the oil level as near as possible to the full mark on the dipstick by adding the same quality and brand of oil. The oil and filter must also be changed at particular time intervals. Check regularly with the engine manufacturer for procedures for draining the oil and replacing the oil filter and their disposal is to be done appropriately to avoid environmental damage or liability.

Lubrication Service
Step 2: Cooling System

Check the coolant oil level during shutdown periods at the specified interval.

Must be noted these points “remove the radiator cap after allowing the engine to cool, and, if necessary, add coolant until the level is about 3/4 in” And More critical role is balancing diesel engines require a balanced coolant mixture of water, antifreeze, and coolant additives.

Examine the exterior of the radiator for obstructions, and remove all dirt, grimy or foreign material with a soft brush or cloth with caution to avoid damaging the fins.

If available means, use the low-pressure compressed air or a stream of water in the opposite direction of normal airflow to clean the radiator.

Cooling System

Please don’t remove the pressure cap from a hot engine. Wait until the coolant temperature is below 120°F (50°C) before removing the pressure cap. Because heated coolant spray or steam can cause injury.

Step 3: Fuel System

Diesel is subject to contamination and corrosion within a period of time is one year, and therefore regular generator set exercise is highly recommended to use up stored fuel before it degrades.

The fuel filters should be drained at the designated intervals due to the water vapour that accumulates and condenses in the fuel tank.

Better check regularly testing and fuel polishing may be required if the fuel is not used and replaced in three to six months.

Fuel System
Step 4: Testing Batteries

If the batteries charges reach the dead-end level are a common cause of standby power system failures.

The battery must be kept fully charged and well-maintained all-time 40% to 100% to avoid by regular testing and inspection to know the current status of the battery and avoid low battery level.

Batteries check
Testing Batteries

Do you want to increase batteries performance? Must be cleaned, and the specific gravity and electrolyte levels of the battery checked frequently.

  • Testing batteries
  • Cleaning batteries
  • Checking specific gravity
  • Checking electrolyte level
Step 5: Routine Engine Exercise

Regular exercising keeps the engine parts lubricated and thwart oxidation of electrical contacts, uses up the fuel before it deteriorates, and helps to provide reliable engine starting.

Engine exercise is recommended to be executed 15 days once or 25 days once for a minimum of 30 min

Routine Engine Exercise
Step 6: Keep your Diesel Generator Clean

Maintain your engine all-time nice and clean because it will be taken care of Oil drips and other issues. Check day-by-day hoses and belts that are in good condition or not.

Frequent checks can keep better condition and other nuisances from nesting in your equipment. However, the generator users thought is a generator set that is rarely used might not need a lot of care. So, please avoiding these kind thoughts keep maintaining the generator based on manufacturer guidelines.

Keep Diesel engine clean
Keep your Diesel Generator Clean
Step 7: Exhaust system inspection

In case any leaks along the exhaust line which usually occurs at the connection points, the welds and the gaskets. Find the place of leakages and repaired immediately by a technician.

Step 8: Operating Inspections

Following the manufacturer guidelines when designing inspections to be performed when the generator is operating.

Common Manufacturer Inspections guidelines for diesel generators below,

  • Disconnect generator batteries.
  • Drain fuel system and change fuel filters.
  • Drain coolant and change coolant filters.
  • Replace air filters.
  • Ensure all intake and exhaust ports are covered.
  • Disconnect all generator supply connections.

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5 Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Generators

Purchasing generators it’s not complicated one but before know very well about generators usages and models. There are many great
advantages to purchasing generators new generators or buy a rental  generator.

Mainly, Nowadays diesel generators like Mahindra powerol generators, Kirloskar generator, Ashok Leyland and Cummins used in retail shops, factory, automobile manufacturing companies, shopping malls, all commercial building, shopping complex, school and colleges mainly used generators for sudden power cuts happens on working hours it will affect the productivity.
So, choosing generators models based on your usage of electricity per day because it’s used for what range of power load consuming
generators you need to buy.

Know more about types of generators here it will help you to buy right generator machine for you,

There are five types of generators avail, Diesel Generator, Natural gas generator, electric generator, propane generator and gas generator.

Some of the key factors must be analyzing for before purchasing a generator:

#1 Age, Hours, and Usage: First things you can try to check is the hours, age and history of the generator set. A check must how many hours generator is running then how much of fuel consumption taken on it. Usually, generator engines are just like a car and have an odometer reading.

A generator that has been used as a standby or backup power source will typically be better maintained and have much less wear than the one used as a prime power source. Only the technical expertise is to know about the full features and specification of generators. So better you have to ask to advice from technical expertise before buying generator.

#2 Manufacturer history and reputation: Nowadays, number of generator manufacturing international companies in the market some companies have good customer satisfaction, rating and have good product delivery performance other companies performing very low in
last 5 years or more days.

Better learn more about company’s history it will help you to take correct decision making for purchasing the right product from the right
place. Mostly prefer 10 to 20 more years of field experience in generators providing companies and know more  shaktiman equipments Pvt ltd  one of leading generator supplier of last 3 decades.

3# How To maintain Genset?
This is much more important since a well-maintained and rebuilt generator set will have a much longer life than one that is simply
changing hands from dealers to end-user.

4# Physical wear and tear on the unit

Following Steps For Maintenance:

Step 1: Visual Inspection

The generator comes under mechanical device suffers wear and tear during operation time. Check regularly all mechanical component
inside the parts and spares of the generator.

Step 2: Replace bearings and bushings Replace bearing and bushings means stress during the generator operation and it is very difficult to test these parts for any stress they have been subjected to during the operation of the generator. Therefore, from a safety point of view, the replacement of bearings and bushings is the best course of action. The same goes for bolts and fasteners.

Step 3: Integrity check wiring and welds Test wire insulations for a breakdown. Any part not up to the mark
should be replaced.

Step 4: Load Test
Load test helps you to determine the overall efficiency in an electric power generator. The load limits specified how many power hours,
electricity consumption during operation.

5 key factors consider before buying generators 0

Step 5: Who you are purchasing it from (Genset broker vs Genset dealers)

Find before who is best dealers in the city and then choose the certified dealers who are the leading supplier of a high-quality service

If you know more regarding Genset dealers and specifications contact us and respond quickly for your enquiry.

Types Of Diesel Generators And Usage

Diesel generators are usually located in gravel with concrete pad in engine rooms, with careful attention to ensuring that failure of a component. So the site planning is an important one in generator fixing before the plan and creates the site layouts based on the location of placing generators.  
Shaktiman Genset

Because it will be calculated by square feet if you have 15 X 15 ground spaces you only fix on the portable size of generators. The site preparation first needs to develop placement like concrete pad design and concrete anchors.

Fixing diesel generators is various types and size different based to decide on fixing generators.

How generators work and what are the benefits of generators?

Diesel generators created with a lot of essential things. It will be working on backup power sources that convert fuel supply usually propane, diesel into electrical energy.

it is a primary source of electrical supply during power outages. this energy is used in external circuits.

Types Of Generators:

Mainly three types of generator models: portable, inverter and standby. All these generators are long-term used features

  1. Portable Generator
  2. Inverter Generator
  3. Standby Generator

Portable Generators:

It is comfortable placing all places and used mainly in local area shops like hotels, stores, car and bike showrooms.

Wide range of capacities in a portable generator like combustion engine to conduct electricity, plug into electrical appliances & tool sockets, With wired facility’s sub-panels.

Portable Generator is enough to run televisions, air conditioners, computers and refrigerators, so the engine should run at 3600 rpm its stand to run 18 hours.

Portable Diesel Generators

Inverter Generator:

An inverter generator produces more AC electrical energy per engine rotation so the raw electricity transforms into DC power.

The running watts of inverter generator starts 2800 to 3100 watts – weight is 96.6 Lbs, starts 3100 to 3400 watts – weight is 95 Lbs, starts 2600 to 3000 watts – weight is 90 Lbs, starts 2800 to 3100 watts – weight is 81 Lbs.

Used mainly in local area shops like home, hotels, stores, car & bike showrooms and commercial buildings.

Shaktiman Inverter Generator

Standby Generator:

A standby generator is operating automatically transfer switch that power a device. To start the generator automatically during power loss.
Liquid propane and natural gas with an internal combustion engine.Sensing the power cuts within seconds boots up electricity run automatically this is main specifications standby generators.

Parts Of Diesel engines:

The diesel generators are the combination of a diesel engine so the generator generates electric energy.

Two Parts Of Diesel Engines:

  1. Engine
  2. Alternator


The engine is started by DC Start motor is using it will help to start engines also the arrangement is fitted in engine self start arrangement, radiator arrangement, air filter and Lub oil arrangement.


The alternator is used to convert mechanical power into electrical power. Alternator having some arrangement AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator), Starter winding, field winding, Rectifier.

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